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The Region of Valencia and Europe in the 21st Century

3 free-elective credits


  • Place: University of Alicante.
  • Registration fees: 15 euros.
  • Free-elective credits: 3.
  • Deadline for applications: 27 October 2010, or as far as there are places available.
  • Organized by: the Area of Politcal & Administration Science, Faculty of Law.
  • Collaborator : Servei de Promoció del Valencià.
  • Sponsored by: the Office of the Vice Prseident for Extracurricular Activities.


Papers of recognized experts, round-tables and discussions with the public on the most interesting topics about Valencia in its European dimension. The institutional crisis, the insertion of the Valencian economy in Europe, the role of emerging regions, the language situation in the EU framework, sustainable development, politics and society, infrastructure, culture ... A unique invitation to reflection in an open and civilized discussion, made from pluralism as a democratic feeling - and action.


Academic staff
  • Prof.  José J. Sanmartín. Universitat d'Alacant.
  • Prof. Salvador Forner. Universitat d'Alacant.
  • Prof. Manuel Desantes. Universitat d'Alacant.
  • Prof. Josep Ochoa. Universitat d'Alacant.
  • Prof.  Joan LLopis. Universitat d'Alacant.
  • Prof. Josep Maria Felip. Universitat de València.
  • Joan Francesc Mira. Escriptor.
  • Rafael Ripoll. Generalitat Valenciana.
  • Jose María Perea. Periodista.
  • Manuel Rodríguez Maciá. Consultor i ex-alcalde d'Elx.
  • Prof. Josep Vicent Boira. Universitat de València.




 3 November 2010

  •  First session.
    • 9 am. Inici de la primera sessió.
    • 9.05 am. Presentació del Curs.
    • 9.35 am-10.45 am. Lecture: Valencians, europeus, i sovint fora de joc per Joan Francesc Mira i Casterà.
    • 10.45 am-11 am. Recapitulation.
    • 11 am. Lecture: Claus actuals de la integració europea: entre la crisi institucional i els reptes de futur per Salvador Forner, Professor at the University of Alicante.
    • 12.45 pm. Lecture: Les regions en la Europa del segle XXI per Rafael Ripoll, Secretari Autonòmic de Relacions amb l'Estat i l'Unió Europea, Generalitat Valenciana.
    • 14,00 hrs. Conclusion of the first session.


  • Second session.
    • 4 pm. Starting of the 2nd session.
    • 4 pm-4.30 pm. Recapitulation.
    • 4.30 pm-6 pm. Lecture.
    • 5.45 pm-6 pm. Recapitulation.
    • 6.15 pm. Round-table: La Comunitat Valenciana dins de l'Unió Europea amb Joan Llopies, Degà de la Facultat de Econòmiques de la Universitat d'Alacant de moderador, i la participació de José María Perea, periodista, Salvador Forner, Manuel Rodríguez Maciá i Rafael Ripoll.
    • 8 pm-9 pm. Recapitulation.
    • 9 pm. Conclusion of the 2nd session.


4 November 2010

  • Third session.
    • 9 am. Starting of the 3rd session.
    • 9 am-9.30 pm. Recapitulation.
    • 9.30 am-10.45 pm. Lecture: El cami de la ceca a la meca: ¿per qué Europa? by Manuel Desantes, Professor at the University of Alicante
    • 10.45 am-11 am. Recapitulation.
    • 11,00-12,15 hrs. Lecture: La proyecció exterior de la Comunitat Valenciana per Manuel Rodríguez Maciá, Consultor internacional i ex-Alcalde d'Elx.
    • 12,15-12,45 hrs. Recapitulation.
    • 12.45 pm-2 pm. Lecture: La dimensió vertebradora de les infraestructures Alacant-Lió per Josep Vicent Boira, Professor Titular de la Universitat de València.
    • 2 pm. Conclusion of the 3rd session.
  • Fourth session.
    • 4 pm. Starting of the 4th session.
    • 4 pm-4.30 pm. Recapitulation.
    • 4.30 pm. Lecture: Europa i la Comunitat Valenciana en polítiques d'inmigració per Josep María Felip, Director General de Inmigració i Cooperació al Desenvolupament, Generalitat Valenciana.
    • 6 pm. Recapitulation.
    • 6.30 pm. Lecture: La Comunitat Valenciana i el desenvolupament sostenible desde el punt de vista territorial per Josep Ochoa, Professor Titular de la Universitat d'Alacant.
    • 8 pm-9 pm. Recapitulation.
    • 9 pm. Conclusion of the 4th session.




Requirements for the obtaining of the Course Certificate

Attendance at four sessions of the course, proving it by signing each student with his name on the Signature Sheet which will be distributed for each session. In addition, each student must pass the written work (minimum of two pages, single spaced, Times New Roman 12) and submit it to the course director via email before 10 November at 2 pm The work will be focused on developing a specific aspect of those dealth with in the course. The person responsible is the director of the course and students should perform a a monograph written work, individually, and submit it within the established terms. This individual written work must cover a specific aspect of the course, agreed with the course director. In addition, attendance to the four sessions of the course is considered equally compulsory for obtaining the diploma.



Application and registration
  • Deadline for application: 27 October 2010 or as far as places are available. There is a limited number of places.
  • Registration fee: €15. 



No more application can be admitted since the capacity of the place is limited. This is the reason why the application form is no more availbale We apologize for the inconvenience.

Applications and registrations can be made via this form.

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